HAMBABAEI | Biography


Ham Babaei is a Persian sound artist who is currently based in Germany. He completed his masters in painting and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Fine Art with a focus on Sound at the HBKsaar in Germany. Ham considers sound as a material and incorporates it into various artistic mediums such as performance, video, installation, and sound-based sculptures. His experimental works delve into the psychological and physical effects of sound, exploring how it can impact individuals. Ham also emphasizes audience participation in the completion of his works, exploring interactive possibilities.
In addition to his work as a sound artist, Ham is also the founder and composer of a metal band called Baramant.




2020-now   Master of Fine Art – Sound Art in HBKsaar by Prof. Katharina Hinsberg and Prof. Eric Lanz , Saarbrücken, DE
2023-2024   Semester Abroad, Master of Contemporary Arts Practice, Bern Academy of the Arts, CH
2009-2011   Master of Painting, Art University, Isfahan, IR
2003-2007  Bachelor of Painting, Science and Culture University, Tehran, IR



2023    ’’Deutschlandstipendium’’
2023     ERASMUS Funding ”Semester Abroad”, Bern Academy of the Arts, CH
2023    ’’Kunst gewinnt’’ , Künstlerstadt Kalbe, DE
2022    ’’ DAAD Graduation Grant’’, Saarland Scholarship for International Students at the HBKsaar,DE
2021    ’’9th International Sommercampus’’ , Künstlerstadt Kalbe, DE



2024  ’’1,000,061  ART’S BIRTHDAY’’, after Robert Filliou, radio broadcast, Bern, CH
2023 “Kosmos Nord’’, Concert, BuffetNord, Bern, CH
2023 ’’Sonic Processes’’, Concert, Tanzhalle Wiesenburg, Wedding, Berlin, DE
2023Carte Blanche 2’’, Unwrap the Present, Performance, Progr, Bern, CH
2023 “Experimance’’ Festival – Sound installation – Garelly Haus, Saarbrücken, DE
2023 “Sundieren’’– Group Exhibition, Sound Installation, Sundern, DE
2023   “BetaTest’’, Sound Installation, E-Haus, Saarbrücken, DE
2023  Sound performance at Gertraudenhospital, Stendal, DE
2023  Sound performance at Amphitheater, Ökodorf Sieben Linden, Beetzendorf, DE
2022  “Allerbeste Aussichten’’, PEAC Museum, Freiburg, DE
2022   “Elf Ohren’’, Video art, Schaufenster, OPUS, Saarbrücken, DE
2022   “BetaTest’’, Performance, E-Haus, Saarbrücken, DE
2022  Experimance’’ Festival – Soundart Exhibition- Garelly Haus, Saarbrücken, DE
2022  Affenschaukel’’ Drawing on the wall of the Atelier Hinsberg, Performance, HBKsaar, DE
2022  “Zwieschen Zeder und Platanen’’  – Group Exhibition, Mainz Hochschule, DE
2022    5th Tehran International Electronic Music Festival, Tehran, IR
2021  Experimance’’ Festival – Soundart Exhibition- Garelly Haus, Saarbrücken, DE
2021   Herzschlag’’, Sound Installation, “von wann bis wann”, Bismarkstraße 60, DE
2021   “Drumherum’’ – Group Exhibition, Video Art, Lu60, Saarbrücken, DE
2020   4th Tehran International Electronic Music Festival, -Baramant- Tehran, IR
2020 The-To-Play-Tool’’  – Solo Exhibition – Platform 3, Tehran, IR
2020 Felony’’ – Group Exhibition, Sound Art – Aliha Gallery, Tehran, IR
2019  “DSTRCTION’’ – Group Exhibition, Video-Sound Art – Austrian Cultural Forum, Tehran,IR
2019  “Homarg” – Baramant Art Project, The Unveiling, Darbast platform, Tehran, IR
2019  “Adassar’’ – Group Exhibition, Video-Sound Art, Darbast platform, Tehran, IR
2018  “Status“, GAK Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst, Bremen, DE
2018  Dead Room” – Baramant Art Project, Darbast platform, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, IR
2018 Inversion” – Baramant Art Project, Emarate Rooberoo, Tehran, IR
2018  “Beethoven Festival”, Bonn, DE
2017 Gantelope” – Baramant Art Project, Darbast platform, Tehran, IR
2017  “Gantelope” – Baramant Art Project, Austrian Cultural Forum, Tehran, IR
2016  “Dastgah Festival” – Baramant Art Project, Hannover, DE
2016  Baramant Art Project, in Farabi Hal, Art University, Tehran, IR
2016  “Video / Sound performing Baramant Art Project in Mostaghel Theater, Tehran, IR
2015  “Believing History” – Baramant Art Project, Kloster, Lorsch, DE
2011  “Sad Asar, Sad Honarmand “, Golestan Gallery, Tehran, IR
2009  Music interpretation in “Khane Honarmandan”, Tehran, IR
2008  Composer in “The Glass Menagerie”, Roodaki Hal, Tehran, IR
2008   Music interpreter at “Funerals for Fereydoon”, Farabi Hal, Art University, Tehran, IR


Workshop/Artist Talk
2023 “European Design Festival”, workshop, Casino Luxembourg, Luxemburg, LU
2017  “Rock music and the audience” –Artist Talk, Baramant Art Project, Hanouz Publication, Tehran, IR
2009  Painting Workshop, Contemporary Art Museum, Azadi Tower, Tehran, IR
2008  Painting Workshop, Felestin Museum, Tehran, IR


Curation/Artistic activities

2022  Assistant at the Gallery Ludwigstraße60, Saarbrücken, DE
2022  Curator of  Video Exhibition “Yet alone”- from Student of HBK Saar- Eve Gallery, Tehran, IR
2020  Actor in the video “Ein Man” by Donja Fard
2018  Curator of Exhibition “Overlap”, 3Platform, Tehran, IR
2018  Actor in the video “Gespräch” by Hassan Sheidaei
2016   Actor in the Video ” Das Unerreichbare” by Hassan Sheidaei
2016  Light designer for the video “Mein Sohn” by Hassan Sheidaei
2015  Composer for the videos “Frei im Gefängnis“,  and ” Das Unerreichbare”
2015  Assistant at the video “K2”, awarded audience prize
2014  Curator at the Painting Workshop “Me”, Boostan Book City, Tehran, IR
2010-2013  Composer and Guitarplayer of the music band “Accolade
2012  Contributor to the album “Seven Pairs of Steely Shoes and Helmets“



2015-2020  Lecturer at “University of Science and Culture”, Tehran, IR



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2021  “Gardelegner Kreisanzeiger Newspaper”, Volksstimme.de –  by Malte Schmidt, DE
2021  “ContemporaryIdentities”, International online art magazine -Issue No 10, by Izmer Bin Ahmad, UAE
2018  “Unlimited Reaction”, Zard Magazine“, Mohsen Gallery, by Akram Ahmadi-Tavana, IR
2013  ”Iran’s underground music scene”, CBS News, USA