HAMBABAEI | Felony 2020

Felony 2020

’’Felony’’ – Group Exhibition, Sound Art – Aliha Gallery, Tehran, Iran


“We were condemned to natural selection
Compulsion to life is our only holiness
An interval between birth and death”

The video of Felony project was exhibited as a Group Installation at the event of ”12 Hours of Art – Love never dies” in Aliha Art Galery of Tehran, Iran. 2019

Video Art: Felony, 3’14”, 2016, Donja Fard
Photo Installation: Life or Death (Roots), 10 pieces, 2017-2019, Anita Emami
Sound: Dejavu, 4’09”, 2019, Hamed Babaei
Installation: Womb, acrylic painting on balloons, 5 pieces, 2019 Terme Alavi
Curated by Ali Firoozjang